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You’re using your social media Stories all wrong – here’s how you can fix it

Social media has been a part of the way all businesses approach and interact with their marketplace for a long time. A relatively recent addition to a variety of social media platforms is the “Stories” feature. Stories offer your business an invaluable way of creating engagement – but only if you know how to use them properly.

What exactly are Stories?

Stories first premiered on Snapchat, but a version of the feature has since found its way onto pretty much every social media platform. Whether it’s LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and now even Twitter. Stories are at their core a temporary post – they generally last for only 24 hours. A story can be a picture or a short video.

How do you optimise Stories for engagement?

Stories are not going anywhere, so you need to begin optimising the way you use them to boost your engagement. Here are five key tips for you to keep in mind.

1. Consistency matters

Just like with every other element of your social media posting schedule, you’ll need to develop a consistent upload schedule for your stories. If people know when they can find your stories they are far more likely to turn up to view them. If it’s “whenever you feel like it” you risk missing out on audience attention.

2. Encourage interactivity

Make it a feature of your stories to encourage a direct call to action for your audience to engage with you. This can be in a number of ways, for example it can be by sending you a direct message to learn more about what you’ve posted, or it can be in the form of a poll. Make your audience a part of the process, not idle bystanders.

3. Use FOMO to your advantage

FOMO, otherwise known as the Fear Of Missing Out, is a fantastically powerful tool in your arsenal, and it’s perfectly suited for stories. As they generally only last 24 hours, it allows you to bring a unique flavour to every single one that you post. Lean heavily on the fact that if a customer misses that story, it’s gone.

4. Use the available features

Stories generally offer a suite of tools – so use them. This can range from location tags, adding text and captions, emojis and gifs, and even direct links. Avail yourself of everything your story can offer, and find a way to use each and every tool to your advantage with each story that you post.

5. Offer a look behind the curtain

Stories last only 24 hours, which means you can use them to show your customers an element of your business they have never seen before. Bring them into your working process, show them how your business operates, use stories to introduce them to your team – this is your chance to reward your audience with privileged access.

Getting professional help

To best optimise your Stories strategy, the help of a marketing professional can be invaluable. Contact +24 Marketing today to help make your Stories a consistent success.