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Working from Home

In these uncertain times, we’re lucky that we can work from home at +24.

As a precaution, our office is working from home at the minute. We’ve taken laptops and equipment home so our service can carry on as normal.

Things we’ve had to consider:

  • Keeping in touch

We use Slack, which is like WhatsApp for business. We’re instantly available to each other and clients by message and video call, and we have separate channels for different groups and different clients, so everyone can keep on top of things.

  • Project management

We use Asana, which means everyone can access a project plan, assign tasks, see deadlines and make sure we’re all on track. It’s really useful and even more so now we’re not face to face.

  • Morale

We’re having a video conference every morning in our team groups, to update on work but also so we can see each other and interact – really missing the office banter! We also have a random channel on Slack to chat, and an office Spotify channel so we can keep up the atmosphere.

  • Meetings

Our technology means we can keep in touch easily, send work and documents remotely, but if needed we are still attending meetings – just not the whole team at the same time!

  • Workspace

Some of us have office space set up at home, but quite a few are working off their dining room table or their bedrooms. As this may go on for some time, we’ve had to review what our workspace looks like and make sure we’re comfortable.

  • The working day

It’s really important to treat our days as a regular working day. Take breaks from your screen, eat properly, drink plenty of water and make sure we start and finish at our regular times. 

  • Protecting ourselves

We’re following government advice on handwashing etc, but there’s no point in working from home if we’re going to put ourselves at risk elsewhere. We’re not on lockdown but it makes sense to be cautious.

We’re in a good position to keep calm and carry on, with no loss of time or service.

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