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Why Your B2B Business Should Be Using Snapchat

So I’ve been with +24 for about 6 weeks now. And the longer I’m here, the more you’re going to realise… I LOVE video!

Good video, to me, is the latest version of true storytelling. That’s not to say it has to be a flashy five-minute edit with a time-lapse and deep moral meaning. One man talking to a camera about his latest business development is as much of a story as Batman v Superman. The only difference is that his audience is people interested in his business, and the story is to the benefit of his business and to him.

It’s because of my love of video, that I’ve fallen deeply in love with Snapchat… and so should you.

Now I’m not going to try and convince you that Snapchat is PERFECT for B2B right now – it’s not, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be experimenting with it.

A few businesses got on board with Twitter early, way before it was primed for B2B businesses to see serious engagement from it. But, when Twitter was ready, they were the first there and they won. Snapchat will do the same.

I’m going to quote Gary Vaynerchuk, who if you’re not following, you should be. His voice can grind and his language can be a little rough, but he does speak A LOT of truth. His prediction is:

There will be some plumber in America who becomes famous by doing two-minute videos broken up into 20 sections on how to fix things yourself.

Snapchat has around 100 million active users worldwide – it’s gone mainstream. And before you tell me that it’s all kids: A) Facebook was all kids, you all have a Facebook page then Twitter was all kids, you probably now use Twitter. Also, 47% of Instagram’s users are 30+ so let’s not pretend that Snapchat is destined just for generation Z’ers, and B) Those kids are going to grow up – in 24 to 36 months time, those kids are going to be the Account Managers, Sales Executives, or other company buyers/sellers; don’t ignore them.

The issues with Snapchat right now include how difficult it is to build an audience – there’s no way to push your content out to people who aren’t following you so it’ll take a lot of cross-promotion to get there, but nothing good ever comes easy anyway.

Right now, you’re likely to see quicker returns from Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter; but these are busy mediums that everyone is hammering. Set aside some time to get comfortable and get good on Snapchat – in the future you may see it as one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

If this blog has given you the necessary push over the edge to start using Snapchat, then you can add us on Plus24Marketing or take a picture of the VR code below and add us using the Snapcode.