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Why You Should Be Using GIFS

Gifs are more popular than ever and your social media accounts won’t get much without them. They ‘ve been around for a long time now and you must be familiar with the moving images. Here are different types of Gifs you could use for your business to help jazz up your social media accounts:

Gifs Will Catch Your Attention

In an over-crowded social media platform such as Facebook or Twitter, it can be difficult to stand out from the noise. Gifs can help you achieve this and allow users to engage and consume with the content you are trying to share, quickly. Cinemagraphs created an Instagram ad campaign by bringing standard images to life and they caught the attention of their audience with subtle movements within the image.

They Can Tell A Story

Gifs can be as long or as short as you like and you can include as much or as little information as desired. This makes gifs an effective way of communicating your message quick and succinctly. Using photos can be a much easier way to explain a process rather than with words. The kind of gifs you could make could include step-by-step how-tos, quick recipes, or following along with processes. A gif using step-by-step images can make learning a process much easier for users. For example, if you’re a baking company and you want to share a recipe, you could create a gif that gives a short and simple step-by-step guide that allows your customers to interact with your business.

Let Them Create And Show Personality

Social media users, both for business and personal, will use gifs to show how they are feeling. They’re a very easy way of adding humour to your post and it is a very easy way to let your audience connect with you. Depending on whether you’re creating your gifs or using them from Giphy, it can allow you to display the personality of your brand through different media. Starbucks is a popular brand that use gifs to help communicate and interact with their audience.

Showing a New Product Or An Offer

If you have a really special new product or service a gif could be a good idea to share news about that in a unique way, that is guaranteed to catch the attention of your audience. A gif can help show off some of the key details you want your audience to notice. An example of this could be to create a screen recording of how a new feature works on an app, then turn the recording into a gif. Keeping it short and simple.


Gifs could be classed as videos as they are moving images but technically they aren’t. However, you could take advantage of this and turn the first few seconds of a video you’ve produced into a gif. This will give your audience a sneak peek of the video and it will make them want to watch the rest. It is an easy way with direct links to watch the full video.

Gifs in Email Marketing

This isn’t used often but according to a test by BlueFly, emails containing a GIF pulled in 12% more revenue than their non-animated emails. This proves gifs are always going to draw more attention and can keep readers engaged, regardless of the content. It can also lead to more click-throughs on your email with clever animations that encourage people to do so.

If you aren’t making use of gifs your social media accounts are probably quite boring! If you need more advice on social media, Tweet us @Plus24Marketing.