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Secure Hosting: What It Is and Why It’s So Important

Secure hosting allows you to enjoy peace of mind when it comes to your website and the data stored and collected by your site.

“Any company would be foolish not to invest in hosting that is secure.”

The secure hosting services that +24 provide means that your website and any data stored on it is protected in the event of a technical fault or failure. The loss of data from failures that affect websites can result in a loss of earning for a business. An example of this would be if a potential client submits a work inquiry or attempts to organise a meeting with your business through the contact form on your website and that information is lost due to a server error.

+24’s trusted hosting provider is Manchester-based firm UK Fast. UK Fast are gold Microsoft Partners whose data centres are ISO 27001 certified, PCI-compliant, secured to UK government IL4 standards and are protected by a Cisco ASA Firewall as standard.


“We use a redundant pair system as part of our solid, state-of-the-art infrastructure.”

To protect your website its data, we utilise a system where every device used in the hosting process of your site has a redundant backup device. This means that if one device suffers a technical failure, the second will take over, keeping your website online and information safe from being lost. Unlike some lesser hosting contingency processes, the redundant pairs we use automatically take over through an automated switch, instead of needing to be physically transferred. This eliminates the margin for human error and means that if a failure occurred outside of certain working hours, your website will still be kept online. The third key component of our infrastructure includes a load bouncer that transfers the hosted content onto the secondary device within our redundant pair so that no data is lost.

Not only is your website as protected as possible from being impacted by technical failures, our secure hosting means that it cannot by backend accessed externally. This protects your website and the data it stores and collects from hacking attempts.


Now that we know what secure hosting is, here’s a revision of our top reasons why it’s important:

  • Your site and any accompanying data it stores is safe in the event of technical failure.
  • Your website is protected from external threats, such as hacking attempts.
  • Always on: Secure hosting helps keeps your website online even if a fault occurs.


Find out how +24 can help design, develop and securely host your website. 

Quotes provided by +24’s Senior Backend Developer, Kellsey Shaw