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Why do you need a social media content strategy?

Today we are seeing entire businesses start and thrive by just using social media effectively, and existing businesses deciding to be part of this growing online community.
Social media doesn’t just have to be great for the big names out there. Smaller businesses, local communities and charities can all thrive on social media by just investing some time into a content strategy.  

When it comes to social media you need to plan, plan, plan. The more you invest into it, the more you will get out of it. From planning your content, to how you will be posting, when, on which platforms, and setting some time to consistently interact with your audience is key in your profiles being visible online. 


How to create a social media strategy

Many marketers and business owners find themselves asking how they create a killer social media strategy and, ultimately, how it will help take their business to the next level! 

It all starts with an idea! You need to know your content, understand your brand, your tone of voice and your audience. 

We have put an easy-to-follow guide together on how to create a social media strategy. Check it out!

Ultimately, the best place to start is with a calendar, a pen and your ideas. This will really help you identify key times and areas for when you can use social media. You can start by planning content around key dates & events that might be relevant to your industry and your audience. For example, if you are attending an event in the local area, you can create some content by simply announcing your presence and what you are looking forward to. You can then follow this up with another piece of content highlighting your experience, findings or any new connections you have made. Nice, easy and engaging content done! 


How will a social media content strategy help you


  • Help develop your content
    This is simply the posts you share daily. Having a calendar will help you see how much content you’re producing, the type of content and when those messages are being sent out. A calendar will also help you with your time management, highlighting when you need to have created the content by and any supporting information you may need to collect or create.
  • Stops you from wasting time on your social media
    Having a plan will allow you to cut down on the thinking time. Most social media publishing tools come with the ability to schedule content so you can move your calendar online. Fill up your month and then the software will create your posts for you at the times and dates you’ve selected. The benefit of this is that you’re not thinking about it every day, and the software also offers incredible analytical feedback to save you even more time when it comes to your reports.
  • Help allocate resources wisely
    An agreed content calendar will allow you and your team to know exactly when content is needed, who needs to deliver what in order for it to be ready on time, when it will be posted, how many times you can recycle it. It will also help you spot any potential crossovers or tight deadlines that might need a little extra time.
  • Help you consistently publish high-quality content pieces
    If you’re just posting whenever you remember or find a spare few minutes, it won’t be the most thought-out bit of work you’ve produced. It is, of course, ok to be spontaneous on social media and feel free to break away from your calendar if something has caught your eyes and you want to share it (we recently posted a blog about user-generated content being a little more brash and amateur and the effect that has on the customer, check it out). However, a little planning can go a long way. Well-thought-out posts, matched with spontaneous content, can be a perfect match for your social media.
  • Organise the way you curate and create content
    Social media isn’t really about hard selling and it can be tough for businesses to get away from that mindset and find the right content to nurture the audience. Social media is about engaging people, teaching them what you know, creating an emotional connection with them. Once you have an engaged audience, then odd sales posts here and there or strategic promotion will work really well. Having a calendar will help you curate the right type of messages and not overload your feed with sales pushes.



Still not convinced on why you should start a social media content strategy?

“For every minute spent in organising, an hour is earned.” – Benjamin Franklin

Reason 1
According to CMI, 60% of those who have a document strategy rate themselves highly organised in terms of content marketing effectiveness, compared to 32% of those who have a verbal strategy

Don’t let slow & inefficient processes stand in the way of your business success. It’s now more important than ever that businesses learn to adapt. There are tools designed to keep you organised and on track, as well as being able to monitor and make adjustments, before the post goes live. 

Reason 2
Your eye is on the ball. Nothing gets past you. With a content strategy you don’t miss a thing. There’s no point tweeting days after an event about how great it was, the hype has gone and people are moving on to the next big thing. But, if you’ve got that earmarked on the calendar for the right time, you will make the most of the engaged audience before they move on. Social media is a fast moving beast. You need to keep up or you’ll fall way behind.
Having this bonus time allows you and your team to curate bigger pieces of content, create better quality content. Do research and become informed about the content you’re publishing rather than a quick skim read and then clicking post. It allows you to become more of an authority on the subject matter.
An oraganised calendar will also provide you with that much needed break from the platforms. Planning content means you don’t need to visit the channels everyday, and can relax on your holidays knowing content is ticking by nicely. 

Reason 3
It’s a fantastic tool for strengths and weaknesses. When we post online, especially when it’s something good, we have a tendency to just blast it out across all of our channels.
Each of our social media platforms have a unique set of audiences, they have their own formalities and rules around what engages them.
Having a social media content strategy allows you to identify your audience and create audience personas.

Who is this content aimed at?
Who am I posting this for?
How will this be received?

These questions can only really be answered by you. And in order to do so you need to do research, collate your data and draw conclusions. Thankfully that’s exactly what a social media content strategy is for.


If you think your business could benefit from some further help with your content strategy, then pick up the phone, and let’s talk. We are one of the northwest’s leading digital agencies. This is our bread and butter, so let’s get you where you need to be.