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Why +24 Loves Networking

Members of +24 (particularly the social media team) are regular faces across various local networking events. This is because +24 loves networking, and for good reason.

Networking allows you to create connections through connections. Through networking, you increase the awareness of your business, becoming known by people you haven’t yet met through those you’ve connected with at networking events.

“Networking is super important for any business, I personally believe without networking +24 may not be where it is today.” – Elly, +24 Account Executive


As Burnley Bondholders, long-time supporters and 2018 headline sponsors of lovelocalexpo, champions of Pendleside Hospice and Silver Patrons of Burnley FC in the Community, +24 are very community-oriented. Networking is a brilliant way to support other local businesses and find opportunities to collaborate and work with them.

The social aspect of networking is extremely rewarding. For those who work in an office environment, getting out of the office and breaking the daily routine by socialising and being in a new space for a few hours regularly can help make the week feel more productive. This helps in feeling refreshed and clearer of mind, which is good for productivity.
Beyond the benefits socialising has for your mood, socialising and networking can offer access to new perspectives and are a great opportunity to work on and strengthen your interpersonal skills.

“Networking has also helped me develop personal skills which will benefit +24 as a whole, and I’ve met lots of different people that have had positive impacts.” – Elly, +24 Account Executive


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Get the details of BNI Vista in Blackburn on their website to join one of the best networking groups in Lancashire to see +24’s Elly or Social Sam in networking action and follow 4B Burnley on LinkedIn