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What is social media e-commerce and why you should be using it 

Sprout Social reports that after following a brand on social media, consumers continue to engage in other ways. 91% check out the brand’s website or app, 89% make a purchase, and 85% recommend the brand to someone they know.

The more people integrate social media platforms into their daily routines, the more it makes sense to market to them here, especially if you are selling online – enter social media e-commerce.

e-commerce is the act of selling goods or services online. This could be making a sale on an eBay Shop or launching an entire digital store. For most online businesses, social platforms play a massive role in their ‘social media e-commerce strategy’ and why wouldn’t it. There are millions of potential customers across the different channels and with the right know-how, you could be growing your business exponentially. 

Social media e-commerce is the practice of using social media to market an e-commerce store. This type of strategy can be used to build brand awareness, attract online followers, and generate online sales. Companies can also use social media to get their brand, profile, and products shared online.

So what are the benefits of using a social media e-commerce strategy? 


Huge potential audience

With a physical storefront, you’re often limited to your immediate area. With a digital storefront, the potential is uncapped. You could be generating sales all over the world right from your spare bedroom.


Easily identify your potential customers

By working to optimise your website for SEO, strategically using PPC and even social media ads, you allow the digital bots, crawlers, researchers to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to looking for new potential customers. From the click of a button, you can create highly detailed ad campaigns to a specifically targeted audience. The amount of data collected by social media sites like Facebook is scary, but it does allow you to take full advantage of it. You can even use their demographic data to select people who have an anniversary coming up or who have visited an area recently. 


Casual engagement

Communications through social media, while it is still important to remain on brand, they can be a bit more relaxed. It allows you to engage with a community of your supporters or champions of your brand in a much more casual manner and tone. We’ve seen companies really thrive off this, sending memes, making jokes, poking fun at other brands. It’s all good fun and the right audiences will react well to it. You can use it to create a conversation with your audience and engage directly with them. 


Customer service

Social media is immediate and therefore it’s the ideal platform for customer service. A lot of people will want to engage with you for customer service issues, so it’s a good idea to ensure you have a plan in place internally to make this happen. Also, people love using social media to shout out and tag you in stories and posts about how incredible their new purchase is, make sure to be there in the interaction. 


How you can use social media to make sales

There are so many unique ways to incorporate social media into your e-commerce business plans. More and more social platforms have created marketplaces for you to make sales on or have created in-app sales platforms so that your audience don’t need to leave the channel to make a purchase. Instagram, for example, now features an internal marketplace and also allows you to price tag items all designed to keep your audience contained inside the social platform. 

Using social media to offer exclusive deals, offers and competitions are all sure-fire ways to boost your engagement and your sales. Many consumers, before making a purchase, will check your social media for coupon or discount codes. Also, these discount codes and coupon codes can be used to drive the ‘on-the-fence audience members into loyal customers. 

E-commerce social media requires a strategy and some tools, like an online scheduling and reporting tool. Most strategies will detail how your business will market and advertise on social media, as well as engage and interact with its followers.


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