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What Is Anchor?

I love social media. When a new social network launches it’s like the first day of school for me. I signup, pluck up the courage to say hi to a few people, then get excited when I start to build new relationships.

When I heard about the new ‘audio blogging’ app, Anchor, I loved the sound of it. Anchor bills itself as “The World’s First True Public Radio” and I can see why. It makes it really easy to record and share interactive audio content. The key bit for me is the interaction. A broadcaster can record up to two minutes in an initial message and anyone who wants to respond can record a one-minute response.

An initial broadcast is called a “wave” and then the wave gets replies. The more people that listen to your waves and respond to them, the more you can engage with your growing audience.

Within minutes of signing up, I shared my first recording and got my first reply!

Then I used the search facility to find other people and started joining in with their conversations. There’s already a buzz building on and around Anchor and it’s only a couple of weeks old!

The founders’ vision for Anchor is for it to bring the conversations that people have in-person online to reach a wider audience.

“People have things to say, they just don’t have the means to say them with their voice,” says co-founder Michael Mignano.

Like I always say, there are so many social networks, it would near impossible to be active on all of them and do yourself justice. It’s important to choose the ones that you feel you can add value to and those that allow you to connect with your target audience. If Anchor develops in the way I hope it will, it’s got huge potential and I’m really excited to use it as a way to share useful content with you.

Why not head over to Anchor to continue the conversation? Find me by searching for Social Sam 😊