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We went crazy!

Staff at +24 Marketing got into the swing of things at the North West Expo when they brought crazy golf to Turf Moor.

The Marketing team, based at Northbridge House in Burnley, took along four holes for people at the expo to have a go at.

The golf was a big crowd puller, and a great chance to chat with people at the event and bring out their competitive streak.

A competition ran throughout the day – trying to find the Rory McIlroy among the crowd.

The winner on the day was Lindsey from Alert Fire and Security, based in Burnley.

Despite a poor first attempt and a score of 16, Lindsey came back for a second go later in the day. We knew she meant business when she took off her shoes and got into ‘the zone’.

With just 7 strokes, she managed to complete all four holes before posing for this photo… We think she was pleased.

Lindsey won a magnum of champagne.

She only just managed to secure the prize. In second place was Matt Barker at Willow Starcom with a score of just 8.

Well done to everyone who took part. Who knows what we’ll bring with us next year 🙂