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Want To Run A Contest On Facebook? Think Again…

Facebook is constantly changing their terms and conditions for businesses accounts. They seem to be making it more difficult for businesses to be able to use Facebook for marketing purposes.

If you aren’t already aware of the difficult changes Facebook has made, read our other blog: ‘Beating Facebook’s Business-Punishing Algorithm’.

Now there are more changes being made to the way businesses and organisations can promote contests on their accounts. So if you plan on running a competition soon, be sure you’re aware of the rules on Facebook.

To successfully run your competition you need to know what  Facebook doesn’t allow. You cannot force anyone to share your contest, it can only be done voluntarily. You can create an engaging contest that people will want to share with their friends. For example, you can encourage people to tag their friends in the comments to enter your competition. If the contest is engaging enough, users are more likely to do this and it will most likely result in an increase of entries.

There are contest rules on a landing page that must also be followed. For example, if purchasing to enter is involved in your contest, this will make your contest illegal in some countries. To make a purchase makes it a lottery and this is illegal in America. It is also really important to ensure your Facebook contest is promoted and targeted at the right demographics, ist also needs to be geographically correct. For instance, you must avoid awarding your prize to someone who cannot win based on restrictions imposed on where they live or their age.

Another few examples can include the basic rules you would expect in a contest. You must explain all methods of entry, make it clear that a purchase isn’t necessary and it doesn’t enhance a users chance of winning. You need to include a winning date and the judging criteria should be clear, so sponsors can show how the winner was determined. If you explain in advance how the winner will be chosen, those who entered the competition are less likely to accuse you of giving false results.

It might be worth to not run the competition on Facebook at all. Instead, you could run your contest on your website and then promote it on Facebook. This will allow you to create your own rules and terms and conditions for your contest. Sharing a contest from your website is ultimately going to increase the flow of traffic visiting. It is a win-win situation!