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Twitter Is Letting Users Choose Their Timelines

In 2016, Twitter made the switch from chronological timeline to a “best tweets first” algorithm. As with Instagram’s move away from chronology, not everyone was a fan of Twitter’s timeline change. But, for those who prefer their timelines chronological, Twitter is finally answering your prayers – by giving you the option to switch off the ‘best tweets first’ algorithm that plagues your timeline with tweets those you follow liked three days ago.

Last year marked the first time Twitter has made a profit in 12 years. With a famously ‘up and down’ stock price and noted lack of profit, the move to give users the freedom to choose how their timeline works could be a tactic to attract more active users and get the attention of advertisers.

How Do I Change My Timeline?

To change the timeline settings, head to “Settings and privacy”, then to “Content preferences” which will take you to an on/off button labeled “Show the best Tweets first”. Turning this function off will return it to the chronological order last seen in 2016. You can change these settings at any point in time and it can be done on mobile and desktop.



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