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Twitter Has Finally Added A Bookmark Option!

After years of having to direct message yourself tweets you wished to save for later, or resorting to liking tweets to retrieve further down the line, Twitter has, at last, graced us with a bookmark feature!

The social media platform made a profit for the first time in 12 years in 2017, and has recently gone on a ruthless cull of bots that mass like, retweet and follow. Twitter has also taken the step of suspending popular accounts known to copy tweets.

The bookmark feature appears as a small box icon with an arrow shooting from the top, similar to the symbol used on Apple products that brings up options to send or export a certain piece of media or a webpage. Once clicked, the icon gives you options to send the tweet via Direct Messages, ‘Add Tweet to Bookmarks’ or to ‘Share Tweet via…’, which brings up options to text the tweet, copy the link, tweet the link and so forth.

To access the tweets you’ve bookmarked, go to the list of actions under your profile. Once in the bookmarks section, you can share the bookmark or delete it. There is also a mass deletion option available, ‘Clear all Bookmarks’.

Hopefully the new feature makes the site easier to navigate and a better experience for many Twitter users!

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