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Twitter Could Be Killing Off Mass Tweeting

Twitter is getting rid of bot-driven mass tweeting, retweeting, following and liking. The actions are usually completing using third-party social media management tools, including Twitter’s own TweetDeck, which will also now be subject to these new restrictions. The new bot purge also stops tweets that are automated from artificially putting a hashtag on a trending list.

Twitter is implementing these changes to tackle, specifically, three areas of the overall problem. The first aspect of their approach is to stop third-party tools from simultaneously posting tweets that are identical or similar across multiple Twitter accounts. Whether or not these tweets are scheduled to be posted at the same time is irrelevant, according to Twitter, just as long as they’re similar and set to be posted across multiple accounts from the same management tool account. After this, Twitter is also banning third-party tools from performing simultaneous retweets, likes and follows that are coordinated, once again, across multiple accounts. Lastly, Twitter is stopping third-party applications from automating and scheduling multiple posts across multiple individual Twitter accounts that centre around one specific topic. This step is to help eliminate the manipulation of impressions and analytics that make a hashtag or subject appear more popular that it is in actuality, in and attempt to get it trending for wider exposure.

Twitter’s new bot restrictions are to stop the buying and selling of likes, follows, promotion and generated tweets to help create a fake following and illusion of fame by Twitter users.

Third-party apps that facilitate these activities have a deadline of the 23rd of March to remove the features that make mass tweeting, following, liking and retweeting across multiple accounts possible.