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Top 5 Moments of The Friday Fizz 2017

1.Fizz On Tour: Live From Burnley Football Club #FriendsOf

In episode of 68 The Friday Fizz, we came to you from Turf Moor, the home of Lancashire football, with special guest ‘Notorious Neil’ Welsh from PM&M Accountants. In the episode, we talked about football, GCSE Exam results, Bradley Walsh and the first female Doctor Who and much more.

2. Bradley Walsh Gets Hammered On Daytime TV

Episode 37 of The Friday Fizz has been one of our most viewed Fizzes uploaded to Youtube and for good reason. Watch as Sam and Dave react to host of The Chase, companion to the 13th Doctor Who and maker of top selling albums, Bradley Walsh, get drunk on Sunday Brunch and completely take over the show.

3. Sam and Dave Take on BeanBoozled

It tastes like Pets At Home” is a phrase nobody is likely to forget soon. In episode 79 of The Friday Fizz, the whole team got involved in taking on all sorts of obscure, disgusting and pain-inducing food-based challenges.

4. International Football Star On The Friday Fizz

As Community Silver Patrons and Match Day Experience Sponsors of Burnley FC in the Community, we were able to reach out to BFC and get international football star Chris Wood to appear in episode 84 of the show. In this episode of The Friday Fizz, Chris, who plays for Burnley FC and New Zealand, played “Wood You Rather” and answered viewers’ sport and business-related questions.

5. We Almost Kill Sam With Some (REALLY) Hot Chillies

Carolina Reapers are one of the hottest chillies in the world, something Social Sam found out in the final round of food challenges in episode 79 of Fizz.

Honourable Mention: 6. The Friday Fizz LIVE!

This year saw our first ever (and massively successful, if we do say so ourselves) LIVE episode of The Friday Fizz. In the 54th episode of The Friday Fizz, we took questions from our live audience and our MD, Dave, challenged David Haye to a fight.