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#ThreePeakys: A Blinding Night

With the rapid rise of technology that has become an integral part of our daily lives – from smartphones to smart homes – the question of whether life was better for generations past, who did not have an excess of tech in their lives, compared to our lives, has become a hot topic for discussion. While that’s a question nobody can definitively answer, +24 gave guests at our ‘Three Peakys’ fundraiser a taste of life 100 years ago.


As fans of BBC’s Peaky Blinders, at +24 we wanted to transport the people of Burnley back a century to the early 1920s, a post WWI era of danger, decadence and hedonism, and the time of the Peaky Blinder, infamously ran by Thomas Shelby who ruled supreme in Birmingham, only 123 miles away from our former mill town home.


Welcome To The Garrison

After ascending the red carpet-clad stairs into The Palazzo and receiving their complimentary entry drink, guests were welcomed into The Garrison before the meal, where they were encouraged to get their picture taken with the event’s photographer, buy raffle tickets and enjoy the atmosphere amidst the themed settings. Illuminated by one of the two genuine Victorian street lamps from Parliament Street in London we had at the venue (provided kindly by Smug Fox of Clitheroe), was the photography corner. A more rustic take on the classic ‘step and repeat’ banners found commonly at corporate events, our set-up featured straw bales, wooden crates and reels, and photo cards with a variety of messages for guests to use when getting their snaps taken. Stationed near the area was caricaturist Gary Clement, who produced free drawings of a handful of the guests over the evening’s course. Signalling where guests could buy raffle tickets and later horse racing tickets were hand-painted wooden signs. For guests who wanted to warm up their wallet-opening skills, a key aspect of any charity fundraiser, a £1-per-play Bullet Count game challenged them to employ their best guessing skills to speculate how many bullets were in a glass jar. 

The ticket desk, like every previously bare surface of the stunning room, was adorned with bottles of ‘Tommy’s Tipple’, a 100% proof mystery spirit supposedly distilled in Birmingham and bottled in Burnley in 1919 that we’re definitely sure is completely legal and commercially available for purchase. 

Through the marble archway near the Garrison’s bar was the dining area, which boasted a 52” TV Screen and two speakers so that guests could enjoy the night’s entertainment and watch horse racing after the meal to the fullest. The tables were named after characters in Peaky Blinders and every table featured brochures, ‘Truth, Dare, Donate’ cards, collection boxes and were already set with the first course when the attendees were seated.

Fine Dining

After ‘Heads or Tails Bingo’ ‘Truth, Dare, Donate’, and an introduction to the evening by Dave Walker, +24’s Managing Director and one of the three team members taking on the National Three Peaks Challenge, guests finished the first course. The menu for the night consisted of Selection of Bruschetta and Caprese Salad to start, Salmon, Cod & Prawn Fish Pie, Award Winning Cumberland Sausage ‘n’ Mash or Vegetable Lasagna for the main course and White Chocolate Profiteroles for dessert with a selection of coffee and tea on offer afterwards. Between courses, magician Ian Lavin entertained with table magic that had one guest accuse him of actually attending Hogwarts, whilst a signer serenaded the audience with his renditions of Nat King Cole, Bobby Darin and Frank Sinatra classics. 

Once the meal was over and plates cleared, the fun continued with speeches from Helen McVey from Pendleside Hospice and Dave Walker, before the Mayors of Burnley and Padiham chose and awarded a best dressed male and female with a bottle of champagne or wine each. Mayor Charlie Briggs of Burnley and Mayor Andy Tatchell of Padiham crowned the best-dressed winners, before the results of the Bullet Count were revealed and the winner announced as Mayor Tatchell, who accurately guessed that the jar from the start of the evening contained 77 bullets. Immediately following this, the raffle was drawn with the help of Raynor Pepper and Mayor Briggs, before the auction began. The auction raised over £450 and saw a signed Burnley Football, a BFC football shirt signed by Sean Dyche, two tickets to see Jasper Carrot generously donated by Burnley Mechanics Theatre, and an alcohol cache comprised of over 25 guest-gifted spirits, wines, champagnes and beers be bid on by the 80-strong room of attendees. 

As soon as the auction was completed, the horse racing rules were introduced by Raynor Pepper, host of ‘Curtain Call’ and presenter of the horse racing for the evening.


Off To The Races

The horse racing was the perfect opportunity to bet big, raise money for Pendleside and for winning guests and horse sponsors to earn back a lot of money, and some of the big winners – including Social Sam – ended up donating a lot of their winnings back to the charity at the heart of the event. After the races got everyone excited and in the celebratory mood, a DJ closed the night, which ended for many at 2:00 am, which isn’t too bad for a Thursday night!


RACE 1 Sponsor: Mayor of Padiham, Andy Tatchell
Race 2 Sponsor: Mayor of Padiham, Andy Tatchell
Race 3 Sponsor: Batch Gin
Race 4 Sponsor: The Garden Doctors
Race 5 Sponsor: The Landmark
Race 6 Sponsor: Ginception
Race 7 Sponsor: J.Robertson Building Contractors
Race 8 Sponsor: AMS Neve


Our Three Peaks Challenge

The entire Three Peakys event was hosted with the help of the incredible Palazzo and all in aid of Pendleside Hospice, and especially, their National Three Peaks Challenge.

The first campaign of its kind to come out of Pendleside Hospice, the National Three Peaks Challenge will see volunteers, including +24 Marketing’s own Dave Walker, Sam Keenan and Rik Holden, attempt to walk all three national peaks in a matter of +24 hours. As passionate advocates and champions of Pendleside who work closely with them, the opportunity to take on such a monumental challenge and to raise so much for a charity that means everything to so many people locally was something we as a team couldn’t pass up, and so our brave trio stepped up to the challenge.


Making It Happen

Bringing the Three Peakys vision to life involved a lot of hard work and collaboration between the +24 team as a whole, but the responsibility of pulling the night of rested primarily on the shoulders of the Three Peakys themselves and resident Project Digital apprentices, Elly Fox Littler and Luckie-Rae Pepper, who were tasked with organising the night overall and ensuring that everything from the smaller details to the most important aspects of the night (such as acquiring the sound system, set up by Rik, and finding race sponsors) were taken care of.

Organising this event has been a challenge for me and Luckie, as this is our first real time organising a corporate fundraiser of any kind ourselves, but I think we and the whole team rose to the challenge. Seeing how much everyone enjoyed the night and learning how much we raised has definitely made the months of planning worth it and we know Pendleside will benefit a lot from the funds we’ve been able to generate!

Elly, Account Executive and Three Peakys Orginiser 


Special Thanks

We’d like to take the chance to give special thanks to the phenomenal businesses and community members who helped us make #ThreePeakys the roaring success that it was.

The Palazzo, Pino & Carolyn

Raynor Pepper

Mayor and Mayoress of Burnley

Mayor and Mayoress of Padiham

Bethany Wright & Project Digital

Opus Pro Audio

NP Integrated Technology

Burnley Mechanics

Caged at Sanctuary

Smug Fox

Poppies Beauty Bank

MFA Bowling

Hapton Animal Feeds

Andy Ford

Gary Clement

Ian Lavin

All of our guests, who took the time to dress in theme and whose generous contributions raised lots of money for Pendleside Hospice!