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Three Successful Snapchat Campaigns And What They Can Teach You

As I discussed in one of our recent blog posts, Snapchat is exploding right now. With more than 150 million daily active users, it has reportedly overtaken Twitter on that front so it’s time to start taking it seriously. Read the original post to find out more about the opportunity video presents for businesses.

In this post, I’m going to run through some of the most successful Snapchat campaigns that brands have undertaken. Although these are huge international brands, there are lessons here that every business can apply to their own Snapchat marketing efforts.

Taco Bell – Cinco de Mayo

Taco Bell has been aggressive with their integration of Snapchat into their marketing strategy. But it was their filter for Cinco de Mayo that got a lot of press.

The filter performed extremely well – It was viewed 224 Million times off of an estimated $750,000 investment. That works out to be 0.3 cents per view.

Obviously, I appreciate that it’s a heavy investment for a big return however it goes to show the potential the platform holds. Geo-Filters are an especially cost-effective way to create branded user-generated content for your business and they don’t always require such a significant investment.

Sphero from Star Wars

This is as much a case study for influencer marketing as it is for Snapchat. Star Wars utilised influencers on Snapchat to promote their new toy, Sphero, over the Christmas period. One of the influencers they worked with, Shaun McBride, gets 2 million Snapchat views every day. According to the Wall Street Journal, the toy sold out in a matter of hours and their campaign got 10 million views.

Check out the stories in the video below:

TimeOut Australia

To increase brand awareness and sales, TimeOut created a competition on Snapchat. To enter the contest you had to snap a photo of the chocolate bar and modify it using Snapchat’s drawing tools. You then had to send it to the TIMEOUTAU Snapchat account with entries being published online. The winner of the competition won $10,000!

This was a really innovative way to draw people into not only sharing user-generated content about their product but also increase their own audience on Snapchat.


We appreciate that integrating Snapchat into your current Content Marketing plan may seem challenging initially, however people’s attention is rapidly shifting so we seriously recommend you look into it. Hopefully, these examples have provided you with some inspiration!