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This year’s Themis Awards were hosted on the evening of Thursday the 7th of November 2017, at Burnley College, Princess Way. The evening was dedicated to recognising and celebrating (generally local) business and apprentices that have achieved highly while working with the apprenticeship provider, Themis.


The Themis Awards 2017 kicked off in style, with intricate canopies and champagne upon arrival. Businesses from across Burnley turned out in support of their apprentices and community, showcasing just how vast and rich with variety the local business landscape is. Professionals from every business background gathered under one roof to celebrate the successes of Themis’ deserving apprentices, reaffirming that apprenticeships are incredible opportunities for both apprentices and employers alike.

All attendees were suited and booted in their finest of gladrags, and all took the night as the fantastic opportunity that it was to network.

Once all of the guests had been greeted and had taken the chance to socialise, we were led to the area where the awards were set to take place. The College Atrium had been transformed into a glamourous stage, rivaling that of any Oscars ceremony. The guest’s tables had been named after influential business leaders – including, but not limited to the ‘Alan Sugar’, ‘Deborah Meaden’ and ‘Sheryl Sandberg’ tables. Blue and purple lighting illuminated draped material, and a stage with large light-up letters spelling out ‘THEMIS’ dominated the front half of the room, with screens placed around the elegant set up, so that every guest could see the proceedings from where they were seated.

The host of the evening was editor of Business Cloud, Chris Maguire, who was charming and upbeat, emanating the kind of positive energy filling the event. A speech from Hugh Bramwell, Burnley College Principal and CEO of Themis Training, was given, which focused on the phenomenal achievements of Burnley and the town’s astounding success across a host of sectors.

Before the awards in themselves (made by Lancashire business, Hope Technologies) were given out, however, Mr Maguire took the opportunity to wish one attendee – apprentice Ellis Dickinson – a happy 21st birthday, complete with a party hat, cake, a badge and a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday To You’ from the rest of the audience. Needless to say, Ellis was red-faced and surprised at the fuss caused.

All of the awards recipients were humble young people who were thriving in their apprenticeships, providing ample inspiration to all of the guests there with their successes and passion for what they did.


  • Intermediate Apprenticeship Award: Stephen Sumner of Roefield Leisure
  • Skills and Training Provider Award (Small): Alert Fire and Security
  • One to Watch Award: Nabeela Desai of Paradigm Precision
  • Skills and Training Provider Award (Medium): Parker Plumbing And Heating Services
  • Young Engineer Award: Owen Hodgson
  • Skills and Training Provider Award (Large): WEC Group
  • Advanced Apprentice Award: Abigail Parkinson of Kaman UK
  • Judges Choice Award: Carrice Dickinson of Pendleside Hospice


After all of the amazing apprentices and employers had been given their awards and whisked away by Themis to be interviewed, William Fletcher from Recycling Lives delivered a truly magnificent speech, detailing his inspiring personal story, and bringing light to their food redistribution project, FareShare, benefitting the communities of Lancashire and Cumbria and making sure that those in need don’t go without meals.

The atmosphere at the Themis Awards 2017 was one of positivity and inspiration – it’s hard not to feel inspired by the achievements of these apprentices and of the commitment of their employers to ensuring that their apprentices succeed and grow to be valuable employees, but also valuable members of the community also. With all of the awards and speeches given, the guests were treated to a free bar, stocked kindly by Batch Brewery and Worsthorne Brewery, and a choice of freshly-made, mouth watering food.


+24’s own man in charge, David Walker, was among the illustrious judging panel, comprised of local influential business people. He looked spiffing in his dark blue three piece and crisp white button shirt, and represented +24 Marketing as he presented the One to Watch award to Nabeela Desai. Dave did, however, have to suffer at the hands of host Chris Maguire, who decided to introduce him with an anecdote taken from Dave’s twitter about Asda’s self-service stations giving him his change in the most awkward assemblance of coins ever. Dave’s woes were poked fun at lightly, to which the audience laughed along.

#ThemisAwards: IN CONCLUSION

The night was utterly wonderful. The displays of excellence, passion and achievements from all of the nominees, winners, speakers and judges was empowering and motivating, and the audience in it’s entirety was proud of the nominees, despite not personally knowing them on the whole. Themis hosted a stunning night, and most importantly, highlighted the brilliance of Burnley and the apprentices within it.