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The phenomenon of Pokemon Go, explained by a millennial

I’ve been looking forward to a blog like this for a while now, getting to write about a game!

Pokemon Go has been out for a couple weeks now and it’s already taken the world by storm. Overtaking Tinder downloads in America in one day when that’s been around for years, it just shows how many people have been waiting for a game like this.

What is Pokemon Go?

If you’re not sure what Pokemon Go is, it’s a game that uses the camera on your phone to show you the world in augmented reality. The objective is to catch them all – ‘Them’ being the pokemon, and become the best trainer around. It’s a pretty difficult objective to say there are 151 pokemon to catch and millions upon millions of players…

Why has it gone viral?

For so many reasons. People who are now around 30 years old used to watch the TV show and play the games the first time around. Always dreaming they could be Ash, travelling around catching pokemon and battling others… now they can!

What’s good and what’s bad?

The fact that this game is free to play just makes it more worth the 58.6MB usage on your phone, the amount of data it uses (a lot) and how much battery it drains (a lot). It was finally launched in the UK on Thursday 14th July, following a few technical issues when it launches in the US, Australia and New Zealand.

How do you play?

Once the app is downloaded you have to sign up and then you’ll have a brief introduction by Professor Willow who will tell you about the game. You’ll then have to choose what starter Pokemon you get, there are three to choose from but you’re only allowed one. The choice is from Charmander, Squirtle, or Bulbasaur which are the iconic starting Pokemon. After all that the game leaves you on your own, apart from the odd tip to help you along the way.

The interesting thing is that this app has taken the world by storm. Within a week it is dragging people off their sofas and out into the ‘real’ world in search of these little fictional characters. Whatever you think about the game itself, you can’t argue that it’s had a positive impact in that respect.

Has this blog convinced you to download the game? Look out for more blogs coming soon to help you make the most of Pokemon Go for your business.