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The Best Halloween Ads of 2017

Over recent years, brands have recognised that Halloween is just as much of an opportunity to create clever and captivating advertising campaigns as Christmas.
This year more than ever, it seems the ante has well and truly been upped, with that in mind, below is our list of 2017s best Halloween TV ads.

2 AM by giffgaff

For the 5th year in a row, giffgaff has produced and released a Halloween themed short, and it’s a bit amazing.

It was directed by Tom Rainsford and has a Dystopian theme. The ad also purposefully uses a glamorous skull Halloween makeup look that has been trending on social media, making it “bang on trend”, according to giffgaff’s Head of Advertising, Abi Pearl Ward.


Mars has, essentially, won Halloween. Mars teamed up with TV station FOX and got directors to pitch their ideas for short horror films, without knowing they would be used for advertising.

You can watch the rest of the series by clicking the following links:

M&Ms – The Road by Jack Bishop and Justin Nijm
Starburst – The Replacement by Christopher Leone
Snickers – Live Bait by Andrew Laurich and Gabriel Miller 

Home For All Things Haunted by Asda

Asda’s Halloween adverts are always fun, and this year the supermarket chain got interactive, with viewers who used Shazam via Snapchat to search for the song in the advert (Word Up by Cameo) unlocking slip-syncing filters.

#ScaryClownNight and Zombie Whopper by Burger King

Capitalising on the IT-mania caused by Andrés Muschietti’s remake and release of the Stephen King classic, Burger King has created an offer wherein those who dress as clowns and come into their shop on Halloween get a free Whopper Burger (the clown delivering that piece of information looks suspiciously like Ronald McDonald – coincidence?).

Last year, Burger King released a Black Whopper for Halloween, this year, customers can get a ‘Zombie Whopper’ experience. The Zombie Whopper offer works by bringing your old Whopper back to life – all you need is a receipt proving you’ve bought a Whopper in the past, and you’ll get another for free.

Basically, Burger King just want to give you free burgers this year in any way they can (not that we’re complaining).

My Heroes by Landwirth Legacy Productions

This Halloween PSA shows a young family enjoying the spooky season by dressing up as their favorite DC Comics characters, Batman and Wonder Woman.
The heart-warming video was created by Alexander Day and Brian Carufe and was produced by Landwirth Legacy Productions.

Let Us In (The House) by Hulu

American subscription service Hulu has created a collective group of short horrors known as ‘The House’. Let Us In is a 7 minute long horror short from this collective, featuring nuns, a haunted house and a guy called Richard.

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