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The 6 Rules of Direct Message Marketing

DM (Direct Messaging) marketing, is the practice of creating leads, forming relationships, and general business developments via direct messaging on social media platforms.

Then well executed, a simple DM can spark all sorts of different opportunities.

The 6 Rules of Direct Message Marketing

No Automation


Like many, my DM inboxes are full of automated spam that is never going to be read.

Sending generic auto-messages to every follower you have will not only annoy them but make you look really amateur.

Identify Your Target Market

Random doesn’t work for any marketing campaign, let alone direct messaging.

Research who you want to reach, and then target them with care.

Be Public

How do you get your targeted recipient to value and open your message?

Engaging with your target’s latest content allows your target to see that you’re a real person before you slide into the DM’s.

The bigger someone’s following is, the more you’ll need to engage.

Once you show up on their radar, they’ll be more likely to read and respond to any direct message you send behind closed doors.

Be Personal

A good marketer knows that personalisation means more than just using the recipient’s first name.

It can be as easy as a relevant comment about how much your target’s recent work.

In other words, make it everything that an automated direct message is not.


Your direct message needs to give the recipient true value.

In short, offer them real value – not just a teaser rate; people aren’t stupid.

Whether it’s helpful advice, a referral, or something else – make sure you’re bringing real value.

Establish Relationships

Once you have created some value, it’s time to create a relationship.

This will play out differently each time, but now that you have your target’s attention, work to create a relationship that will last long term.

Direct messages are a great way to gain leads, but not to nurture them. Aim to meet the target, or at worse shift the conversation to email or a similar service.

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