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Taking Action Is More Important Than The Idea

Our MD comments on taking action when starting a business rather than those who just have an idea:

“Execution is the key…the ‘idea’ is meaningless. Every week someone approaches me with an ‘amazing idea’ and they’re usually looking for me to say ‘oh wow dude, I’ve never thought of creating a website that allows you to talk to someone else’ or some rubbish like that…and then they are often looking for me to follow up with ‘well you must need someone to implement this for you, I’ll get my 11 employees that I’ve worked 5 years to build up to, to spent 97% of their time on your revolutionary idea and in return if you could give me 2.7% of your business I’ll be eternally grateful for you sharing your wonderful idea with me…thank you so much’

Er, no.

Jog on. I’ve made miserable investments in the past, continue to do so. But the one thing I’ve learned from those failed investments…

…never invest in an ‘idea’, only invest in someone who is a ‘doer’ and invest in the person, not the idea. Ideas are cheap and easy to come by. They’re probably all great, but the only thing that makes them genuinely great is the doers!

I’m no dragon from dragons den, I certainly don’t have a pot of money to invest…I don’t even have a pot of money to go out most weeks…but I do become bored of the folk who look at my business as a way of entering the market with no investment and no ability to ‘get stuff done’.

There’s no easy way in business, I’m still working it out myself, but for those looking for investment without having got past the ‘idea’ stage…you will not succeed.

Oh, and by the way, getting past the ‘idea’ stage does not mean asking 5 mates if they think it’s a good idea or not and saying you’ve done ‘market research’!

Quit your job, make sacrifices, stop going out at weekends and commit your savings and time to your ‘idea’ and people will take you seriously…if you don’t, you’re just another person who had an idea that someone else implemented. Of course, you had the idea first though…so you could always live off that!”