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Suhag Rehman: My Week at +24 Marketing

For the past week at +24, we’ve had the pleasure of having Suhag Rehman with us. Suhag is a 15 year old student from Sir John Thursby Community College, Burnley and has been here as part of his work experience week. At the end of his work experience, we asked Suhag to write about his week and what he thought of working with us. 

My week here at +24 marketing has been amazing. I  have learned a handful of tips and gained more knowledge about marketing than ever before.

Upon arriving here on Monday morning my views on working in an office type environment and a 9 – 5 type job, was negative and unthought of. My views since then have changed positively.

More importantly, this phenomenal experience has opened up new, appealing, improved options for me that I previously didn’t think was available. This line of work, although it can get repetitive at times is creative, contemporary, cinch. It has definitely given me a greater insight into how marketing and business works.

Equally important is the fact that this competitive company is based on social media and being a 15-year-old raised in a time where technology and the internet is the main source of income and wealth, helps tremendously.

My future profession is to be a successful property developer and landlord, this week has motivated me to work even harder for my dream job. With the knowledge that I have acquired (which is more than what I thought was possible), it will definitely help me build my portfolio of properties in the upcoming future.

The people here are unbelievably helpful. Their positive attitude towards work makes the workplace feel more safe and enjoyable. One of the companies strong suites has to be humour. For me, it’s what made the time pass just a little quicker. Of course, maturity is up there as well. Working here shows that marketing or an office job doesn’t have to be plain, boring, dull but instead more creative and modern.

Overall this week was nothing short of a miracle for me. As my school is the only one to be doing work experience in the whole town, I am incredibly lucky and grateful to have done it.