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Traits of an Apprentice #NAW2019

No two apprentices are alike – nor should they be – but there are some common characteristics that make someone a successful apprentice. By successful apprentice, we mean somebody who provides value to their employer and who gets the most from their training and their role in the workplace.


You don’t have to have an over-the-top hyper-energetic persona to be enthusiastic about your apprenticeship. Enthusiastic apprentices are those who care about doing their job well and care and their company’s success, and who are always ready to learn from their environment and training sessions.


To be a successful apprentice, passion is absolutely paramount. A successful apprentice should be passionate about the industry they’re working within and learning about, their role within the workplace and about the unique opportunities an apprenticeship can offer them.


In the workplace and as an apprentice, being able to take any task or requirement your training or role throws at you. Being able to adapt to new situations is a key life skill, and apprenticeships are a great way to start developing this skill, if an apprentice is willing to commit to personal growth and practising adaptability.


Like school or any other job you as an apprentice may have had before, there will be days where you simply don’t want to go to work or your training sessions. The important thing is making the effort to turn up anyway, if you can. Resilience extends to how you deal with tasks and handle unforeseen situations in work and life, and building resilience is an important factor in personal development and growth.



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