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Six steps for choosing your ideal digital marketing agency

You probably know that working with a digital marketing agency is a smart move. You’ll get more leads, project an awesome impression to customers, blow up your reputation and make more money. So, how do you go about choosing the right digital marketing agency for you?

What qualities and skills should you be looking for in a marketing agency? And how do you find these things out?

Your business is unique, so while recommendations and proposals are helpful, they’re not conclusive evidence an agency is a perfect fit for your brand.

Follow these six steps on your path to finding your digital marketing match.

Step 1: find out their experience

Question one: what experience does your chosen agency have in marketing businesses like yours? Sector experience is beneficial, but depending on your needs, you might not find it essential. You may simply want to work with the pioneers in a particular marketing discipline, and a varied client portfolio could be the reassurance you need to get started, whether it includes your industry or not.

Essentially, you need evidence they know how to get results, so ask for crystal-clear examples of how they’ve helped other businesses achieve goals similar to yours.

Experience doesn’t always equate to years. Some of the most exciting agencies are fresh onto the scene but have clocked up impressive results in a short space of time. So, establishing a company’s experience isn’t always as simple as Googling their start date. Instead, ask to see case studies and examples of work that resonates with your objectives.

Step 2: get to know their company culture

Company culture is something of a buzz-phrase right now, but there’s a good reason for this. When you form a relationship with the right digital marketing agency, they’ll become an extension of your business, so you need to make sure their business culture aligns harmoniously with yours.

You know team fit is a critical part of your recruitment process, so make it a priority in your partner-hiring process too.

So, how do you discover what a company’s culture really is? They may say all the right things, but how do you know it’s not just sales spiel?

Ask around, read reviews, and reach out to existing or previous clients of theirs.

You’ll quickly get a feel for how they operate and what their priorities are as a business.

Step 3: explore their skillset

For digital marketing campaigns to hit differently, you need a team with the right skills.

Find out what disciplines your digital marketing agency has in-house and explore what this actually means. When they say they have an SEO specialist, what qualifications or results do they have to back this up? If they mention a social media supremo, how do they quantify this? Is it someone who schedules the odd post, or an innovative content creator with a knack for drilling down into the data?

You want to see real results from your marketing campaigns, so don’t be afraid to ask questions that reveal whether an agency has the necessary skills to make it happen.

Step 4: ask what they charge

Discussing budgets can be difficult. However, it’s time to curb your caution and start some transparent conversations about costs.

You have a marketing budget in mind – or, at least a vague idea of how much you want to spend on promoting your business. So, be open about your financial position and have a frank discussion about what you’re likely to get for your money.

Marketing spend can vary from a few hundred quid to multi-million-pound campaigns, and the right agency will maximise whatever budget you have and offer professional advice on where to splash your cash to generate optimal results.

Step 5: discover how they work

Every company has a different way of working. So, when choosing a digital marketing agency to form a partnership with your business, you’ll need to find out if the agency in question offers integrated services that tick all of your boxes.

Can they offer seamless cohesion across different marketing disciplines? For example, will your Google adverts tie in with your printed marketing materials? And how will your social campaigns support your website calls to action?

Beyond this, what are the practicalities of their working style? How do they communicate with clients, and how often? What’s the approval process, and which workflow tools do they use (if any)? Who will be your main point of contact, and how often will they be in touch?

Successful marketing partnerships are sustainable because everyone understands their role and how it plays into the broader objectives.

Step 6: see how creative they are

Creativity is a critical element in choosing your digital marketing agency. Without it, your brand is unlikely to excite customers.

Look at previous campaigns run by an agency pitching for your business and recognise whether it appeals to you. Does their creative output pop, or are they a visual one-trick pony?

Crafting bespoke websites, adverts, and graphics is crucial if you want to differentiate your business from the crowd and keep customers coming back for more.

If a marketing agency produces work that’s tired, samey or uninspired, they’re not the one for you – so walk away before you waste your budget.

Why +24 Marketing could be the perfect match for your digital marketing needs

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