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Software Integration

Software Integration that offers support as well as synergy

“When you have data sources and applications that sit separately, you need them to communicate seamlessly. We work closely with businesses to make sure that their systems can bridge the data divide and keep information and data safe.”

Legacy systems within business can pose a variety of problems when it comes to system communication. As bespoke applications that provide a very specific service, they often process high volume or complex data and cannot easily be maneuvered or developed further without significant disruption or cost.

The +24 Marketing team are experts in ensuring the continued development of speed and consistency in your systems, and are uniquely positioned to work with legacy code and systems to produce solutions that can enhance, update and maintain as well as restore legacy systems that may have run into difficulty in previous iterations.

We’re dedicated to improving the functionality and longevity of software systems, and providing innovative solutions to help scale up for the future.

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