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Brand Identity & Logos

Brand Identity - The beating heart of your business

“Who is your brand? You might know your brand’s identity inside out, but when it comes to your marketing, you need to make sure your customers do too.”

It’s important to create a distinctive brand, and so is creating a distinctive voice that translates your services and products into a tone of voice that suits your brand’s personality. No matter what your company specialises in, your customers feel a certain way about it. Brand Identity is the ability to manipulate that feeling into a personality that suits your brand.

Investing the time and effort into creating a great Brand Identity will ensure your marketing strategy and content is polished and cohesive, creating a seamless link between online and offline, no matter where your customer hears about you first.

The +24 Marketing team can work on all aspects of your business from logo design to message development, to round off those corners and create an identity that’s suitable and effective, no matter the sector.

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