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Securing the future

Alert Fire and Security has further protected its future by teaming up with +24 Marketing to create a new website.

To mark its 21st birthday, the leading provider of fire and security services commissioned fellow Burnley company, +24 Marketing, to create a new state-of-the-art site.

Trevor Shanley, Managing Director of Alert, based in Wiseman Street, Burnley, said: “We want to make sure everyone who operates within 20 miles of Burnley is aware of Alert for fire and security services.

“The implementation, build and design of a new website is imperative to achieve this.

“We have always tried to stay ahead of the competition and we are aware of the need to be known and to be seen. You can’t run a public business in private.

“We have to have somewhere impressive for potential clients to go to, and the website is the company’s shop window.

“Also, from a social media point of view there’s no time to stand still. In the last three years technology has completely changed.

“Networking and PR play a part, but 80 per cent of people will find what they need on the internet and make a judgement based on the company’s website.”

The website was launched as part of the company’s 21st anniversary celebrations at Burnley’s UTC.

Speaking about their pairing with fellow Burnley Bondholder +24 Marketing, based at Northbridge House, Mr Shanley said: “We are the specialists in what we do and when we go looking for suppliers, we are looking for companies who are specialists in their fields.

“We have heard good things about +24 Marketing. Their presentation was good, the service has been excellent and we feel sure that together we can grow the business.

“We want to make the website the sales person.”

Dave Walker, owner of +24 Marketing, said: “We are delighted to be working with such a well known and respected company.

“We are excited to bring our knowledge and expertise to Alert’s exciting and growing business.

“The company is always trying to improve its local ties and Alert is a prime example of how linking with nearby businesses can improve the local economy.”

To find out more about Alert click here and to find out more about +24 Marketing click here.