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Secret Messages on Twitter?

Twitter could be adding a new feature, and it’s all about keeping your conversations private. Some users of the Android version of the app have reported that the social media platform is testing end-to-end encrypted direct messages. End-to-end encryption ensures that only the sender and the receiver of the messages are able to view the content of the message, keeping the messages completely private and making sure that neither the platform hosting the messages nor any outside party that may try to intercept the messages can see what they contain. This form of encryption does not protect messages if the sender or recipients account is hacked, however, but it does ensure welcomed a higher level of privacy and security for Twitter users.



This test comes after Twitter’s recent push to encourage users to change their passwords, after a lapse in secure information storage caused by a bug may have exposed the passwords to Twitter employees. The passwords were stored “unmasked in an internal log”. Despite there being no evidence of abuse of passwords or data by Twitter employees, the social network is still heavily recommending that users err on the side of caution and change their account passwords and those of any other accounts that had the same password as Twitter.


To change your password while logged in to Twitter, enter the Settings and Privacy tab by clicking your profile icon. From there, you can click the Passwords tab, enter your current password, choose your new password and confirm and save the new password by clicking the ‘Save changes’ button.


What do you think of how Twitter approaches the privacy of its users and what else would you like to see social media platforms do to better protect your privacy? Get involved with the conversation on our Twitter, and contact us for help with social media, web design and more on our contact page.