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PPC and Your Business

PPC stands for pay-per-click, a type of online advertising that allows advertisers to promote their website to a target audience using adverts on one or multiple other web platforms, such as news websites or search engines, like Google.


“Whatever your business size, PPC marketing can expose you to a wide pool of potential customers.”

Pay-per-click helps you target your ideal audience and can be done or a large or smaller budget. PPC generates more business leads by reaching the right people on the right platforms.

The marketing tactic of pay-per-click works by allowing marketers to create campaigns through platforms such as Google Adwords. Marketers first decide which webpage from a website they want to advertise. After this, they then collate keywords relevant to that webpage, bid for the ability to use these keywords then create a set advertising budget that is used to advertise the website with through these keywords. When someone searches for the relevant keywords, an advert for said webpage will appear, generally along with an ad extension, which is additional information or a call-to-action, such as “call now”, “visit our website for more information” or “get in touch with us today”.


“Anybody can begin a PPC marketing campaign, but what will give your business an edge and generate more leads, is taking advantage of expert PPC services.”

At +24, our expert PPC team are certified Google Adword and Google Analytics specialists with the knowledge, experience and resources to create and run a first-rate pay-per-click marketing campaign.


To create a strong brand and a good user experience across multiple platforms, its best to combine pay-per-click marketing with search engine optimisation, so that your website organically appears near the top of a search engine’s first page of results (which increases the chance your website will be visited and gives it a stronger impression of credibility). This combination works most effectively in conjunction with a good social media presence and well designed and developed website, all which should communicate a strong brand identity to make your business stand out.


“Every business is different, that’s why every business needs an individual approach to PPC, delivered by experts who offer a flexible, customisable service.”

Your business is unique, with its own identity, needs and processes. That’s why your business deserves a PPC approach that’s flexible enough to fit in with your schedule and business, while also being expert enough to generate the leads you want and drive more traffic to your website. At +24, that’s what we are able to offer.


Key things to remember about PPC and your business:

  • PPC can be done for businesses of any size with any budget
  • PPC is most effective when done by a team of experts
  • PPC drives website traffic and generates business leads
  • PPC works best in conjunction with SEO, a good website and social media marketing
  • PPC works best when a flexible approach to marketing collaboration is taken

Need help with creating and running a pay-per-click campaign or curious how else +24 can help boost your digital marketing? Contact us today to find out how we can work together! 

Quotes via +24’s Account Executive, Elly Fox Littler