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Our Work

On the Peg

On the Peg are a brand new, premium clothing company catering to women in the male-dominated area of outdoor leisure activities, such as shooting. Started by a group of passionate, outdoorsy women, they focus on making upmarket outdoor clothing items just for women.

Branding and Logo Design for a Premium Brand

The team at +24 were able to create a consistent premium brand image that helped the client prepare for launch. On the Peg needed a logo to represent their upmarket brand and their unique customers: women within a male-dominated pastime. Brand guidelines were also developed to ensure all future marketing and communications maintain the same premium image.

Social Media Support

The +24 social team set up On the Peg’s social media accounts. As a start-up business, utilising social media will be vital in helping On The Peg reach their target audience. Well designed graphics ensure the brand is consistent across all platforms, reinforcing the premium identity.

The Results

  • A premium brand ready for launch.
  • A suite of branding materials to maintain the high-end identity throughout future marketing.
  • Slick social media presence to target and engage potential customers.