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Our Work

Hedon Insurance

Hedon Insurance, a multi-branch insurance with over 45 years experience, needed a user friendly, informative website to drive more enquiries and establish them as an industry leader.

Trusted to Get Results

After working with Hedon to design their previous website, the insurance providers returned to +24 to enlist our services again in the development of a refreshed new site. The brief was simple: to freshen up the web design, adding new services while maintaining simple navigation and a great user experience.

Website to Drive Enquiries

To help drive enquiries, +24 prioritised making the website easy to use with clear calls to action and by adding enquiry forms to every service page. By categorising insurance services based on personal or commercial, the site is easy to use for all types of visitors. The website’s welcoming design is current and gives a fresh look to a well-established business.

The Results

  • An immediate increase in the number of inquiries due to the easy-to-use enquiry forms.
  • Users browsing more pages due to the ease of navigation and engaging design.
  • A fitting web update for a business that is constantly progressing in its field.