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Our Work


Founded almost three decades ago, Cristex Composite Materials is an industry leading supplier of high performance fibres and fabrics, who have multiple world class partners.

Easy to Maintain Website

Cristex’s existing website was out of date and didn’t represent the full range of products and services the company offered. Beyond not being a true reflection of the company’s success and what they offer, the website was difficult to maintain due to the platform it was built on. +24’s web design and development team created a slick, easy-to-maintain and updated website that informs users of the company’s whole range of services and products as well as their partnerships and values.

Video Container

Informative, Professional Video

In order to communicate the company’s strong values concerning customer service, show the expanse of their warehouse capabilities and give background to the company, Cristex needed a professionally produced video. The video was used on their website and social media so that new customers could learn more about the company, their values, history and what they offer.

Training and Support

Our work isn’t done when a website goes live. As a small business that values our clients, we like to make sure they continue to have the best experience when using our services or products. We delivered WordPress training to the Cristex team to make sure they can keep their new website up to date as well as supporting them with ongoing web and marketing advice to maximise the results they can achieve.

The Results

  • A professionally-produced, informative video to be used on web and social media.
  • An easy-to-maintain website that accurately represented the company’s expanse of services and products.
  • Training and support to make sure Cristex continue to have the best experience when using our services or products.