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Our Work

Ansell Website & CMS

+24 worked with Ansell Lighting, a leading UK lighting designer and manufacturer, to create a modern and intuitive website that fit all of their needs, from content customisation to a great user experience.

Website Design

Using a wealth of industry experience, the +24 web design team created a sleek, intuitive website to showcase Ansell’s range of award-winning products with a strong focus on user experience, resulting in a great look and feel.

Driven by Simple CMS

One of the pitfalls of many retailer websites is that their landing pages quickly become stagnant. To keep Ansell’s website interesting and up-to-date, the website is managed by a bespoke, easy-to-use CMS, which allows members of the Ansell team to easily maintain the content which would normally be static or require a web developer to make the changes.

The bespoke CMS combines simplicity with quality, allowing members of the Ansell team to customise the website content without the need for lengthy training generally associated with off the shelf content management systems. This intuitive system produces high quality results for minimal effort and also has a preview and approval process in place.

Saving Time and Costs

An average figure for a maintenance package or ad-hoc alterations to a website costs in the region of £500 per month, resulting in annual costs of up to of £6000, which can be saved through the use of a simple website CMS, which provides a fast return on the initial investment.

Mobile App

Ansell’s customers are able to take them everywhere they go, thanks to the Ansell mobile app. The app comes with additional tools not available to website visitors, providing a unique user incentive and experience. One key aspect of Ansell’s app is that it allows their product catalogue to always be on-hand for their clients, making it extremely convenient to browse their wide product range.

Digital Marketing

Building Ansell Lighting’s online presence was a huge priority. The +24 Marketing social media and content marketing experts teamed up to make sure website traffic was driven through strong, valuable content and great relationships with existing and potential customers.

Video Container

Product Videos

Ansell Lighting wanted to show off their vast and versatile product range in more innovative ways. After consultation, a range of how-to videos were produced for use on the new Ansell Lighting website and social media platforms, cementing their position as an industry leader.


As with all +24 Marketing projects, technical and creative support was given from start to completion, with flexible options to help Ansell Lighting get the most out of their new services.