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Meet The Next Generation Of Digital Apprentices

We recently had the opportunity to speak to some of the Project Digital Level 3 apprentices while at Burnley College. We asked them about the digital sector, why they chose the apprenticeship route and why they think Burnley can benefit from more digital education opportunities. The answers that Bethany Smith, Imogen Campbell and Oliver Bolton gave show that a programme as current and innovative as Project Digital is both needed by Burnley and wanted by the area’s young people and those interested in entering the sector.


Why have you chosen this apprenticeship?

Oliver: I’ve got an interest in marketing and also graphics and design, so I feel they fit together quite well with the ideas in the programme.

Imogen: I chose this apprenticeship because, when I studied Business in school and when I started my AS Level, I enjoyed the marketing aspects the most. I don’t really work well in a classroom, so I thought it would be better to try it [marketing] hands-on.

Bethany: I just found it more interesting – I think it’s more stuff that I want to do. It’s more media-based and involves photography, and I like the idea of the apprenticeship and getting a job rather than going to university.

What are you hoping to get out of this apprenticeship?

Imogen: Obviously, the qualification and to just be able to go into a career in it.

Bethany: I’m hoping to get a good job out of it, doing something that I’m interested in. Hopefully if I enjoy it, I’ll be able to stay on after I’ve completed the apprenticeship and work there full-time.

Oliver: I’m hoping to excel in my areas of interest, such as graphics, marketing – and I want to hopefully end up with a job within the industry. I’m hoping that this apprenticeship will aid me in reaching these goals.


What’s the thing that excites you the most about your apprenticeship?

Bethany: It’s relating to my interests. I love writing, I love content-based stuff, I love writing content for blogs or articles and things like that, really. I think that – anyone – if it interests them enough, they’ll write about it.

Oliver: Learning more. I constantly, want to learn, so if I can do that, that’s my aim.

Imogen: Learning new things as well as working, earning money and gaining experience.


And what worries you the most about your apprenticeship?

Oliver: Not being able to keep up with work or not being able to live up to my employer’s expectations. Because I haven’t started in my role yet, I don’t know exactly what is expected of me, so that’s a worry.

Bethany: Not being able to do it. Struggling like “oh my god, I can’t do this” or panicking. I’d never heard of coding before [the Project Digital recruitment event], so that’s my worst nightmare.


What attracted you to Project Digital?

Imogen: It’s not structured like college is. It’s not like a classroom, and you’re not being forced to learn then write stuff out. It seems more relaxed and gives you more freedom to learn the way that you learn best as an individual.

Bethany: They called me up and just said “do you want to come for an open evening?” And I just found it really interesting and really different, to be honest. I’d never seen anything like it. When we went, it wasn’t like normal apprenticeships [events], they were making you do tasks, which was really different to anything I’d seen.

Oliver: It’s a new programme, so it teaches the modern ideals of marketing. I’d sooner be progressing with an up-to-date programme rather than going with a course that has an old format.


Why do you think it’s important to develop digital skills within the Burnley area?

Bethany: I think Burnley is on a rise for the minute for technology. I think all the local businesses and bigger businesses want to come to Burnley. So I think it’s important to start it [digital training] now, because in the future it’s going to be massive. So it’s good to get in now, while you can, and be prepared for that future.

Oliver: I feel that in the area, there’s lots of developments that need a marketing aspect to them and there’s quite a lot of that missing in the area. Therefore by taking part in this apprenticeship programme, I and other apprentices will have the skills needed to help the area’s digital development .

Imogen: Because there aren’t that many opportunities like this locally, and there’s not that many places for young people to start in the industry.


If you’re looking to become a digital apprentice, or to take a digital apprentice on within your business, visit the Project Digital website. If you need digital marketing, software, social media or software help, contact us at +24 today to see how we can help!

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