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My List of Demands for Snapchat

This week, Snapchat announced that they are introducing a new feature called ‘Memories’ which allows you to easily save your photos and videos and, for the first time, share photos and videos captured outside of the app. You can read more about that on Sam’s original post.
It’s a pretty exciting update but not big enough for my liking! Snapchat could do so much more with the app so here’s my list of demands…

Add story comments

This would allow your friends to publicly comment on your story for the 24 hours that it’s live, having conversations and even sharing your story within their own. I think this would certainly increase engagement.
Have more than one text box on a message

People would have so much fun with this. I can see it now, words all over the picture as full annotation, personally, I would love this to happen but what do you think?

Longer photo times

It might just be me but now they’ve added more text into a picture (which I love) I can never read the whole thing, sometimes I think I’ll need a good minute to fully take in the whole snap. Speaking of longer times I also think you should be able to add a story for 48 hours to maximise interaction.

Having someone as your best friend should be optional

I hate when I get someone messaging me a couple times and suddenly they’re at the top of my list, it isn’t exactly life destroying but it would be a nice simple change.

Choose whose stories you see

Sometimes you don’t want to delete a friend but their stories are just so annoying that you have to, then you can’t message them. If you could just choose whose you see we wouldn’t have this problem.

These are just a few of the changes I would like to see Snapchat make that I think would increase engagement, and ultimately usage of the app. What do you think? Is there anything else you’d like to see on Snapchat?