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My Inspirational YouTubers

YouTube is a wonderful place. A place where we can come together, make each other laugh, share our thoughts and watch funny cat videos! But who is the best?

A lot of us know a video game commentator that goes by ‘PewDiePie’ is the most popular YouTuber that has just reached 43 million subscribers and is growing by thousands every day! This does not mean he’s the best though…

Now don’t judge me on my choices, but here are my all time favourite three YouTubers:

3. The Slow Mo Guys.
This channel is a scientific channel… Sort of… What they do is do a load of random stuff then slow it right down! For example, they would fire a paintball at something/someone and use this special camera to slow it down to make the impact look just amazing! It’s quite interesting!

2. What’s Inside?
This is kind of self-explanatory… What they do is find something interesting, random or it might be something they just find on the floor, then they cut it open! They chop things like a Rattlesnakes Rattle, things that you genuinely don’t know what the inside looks like…

1. Good Mythical Mornings.
I want to try and explain what this channel does but they do all sorts! From a bee beard to (and I quote) ‘Blind French Fry Taste Test’… Yep, it’s a pretty awesome, outgoing channel which I just simply love! I cannot explain the personality of these two guys or the reason for the channel so check them out!

I wrote this blog to show that all YouTubers can be different and some might not even have the best equipment and can still be extremely popular! All these channels started off as small channels which the people were asking their friends and family to subscribe to. So why don’t you give it a go and see how far you get? Good luck!