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Following on from my blog a few weeks ago about moving towards a secure web, I have an update about Google’s move towards https. In a security blog post earlier this week, they announced that they have launched a new section of their transparency report to “track the progress of encryption efforts – both at Google and on some of the web’s most trafficked site”.

With a weekly update, this report is naming & shaming or praising those top websites (who, it’s estimated, account for around 25% of internet traffic) on their progress, along with Google’s own. Leading by example, Google (who process over 30% more searches than all the other search engines in the world combined) now count over 75% of visits to their services as encrypted, compared to 50% a year ago. At +24, we direct 100% of our website traffic through our SSL, just saying!

As a secure connection to websites using an SSL has been a Google ranking factor since 2014 and a larger ranking factor since 2015, it’s no surprise that efforts have been made to speed up the adoption of encryption on websites. The topic of encryption is also currently plastered all over the news, with Apple’s court case against the FBI, who want a “backdoor” into Apple’s iPhone encryption, being supported by tech giants and some of the brightest computing minds. Generally, encryption is seen as a huge positive for security, stopping government “snooping” & protecting freedom of speech, something which I believe will gain publicity in the near future, leading more internet users to look for the security of the “green padlock” of an SSL certificate.

Is your website secured by an SSL?