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Microsoft Finally Finds A Use For LinkedIn

Finally, Microsoft has started to utilise one of their most expensive assets, LinkedIn.

Last year, Microsoft bought LinkedIn for $26.2 billion. Since then, however, Microsoft hasn’t done much with the data that came along with it.

However, at their recent Ignite conference in Florida, the company announced its first steps into integrating LinkedIn’s social graph with its Office products.

Whilst it’s a start, it’s nothing to get excited about.

Profile Cards

The announcement more or less revolves around the integration of LinkedIn data with Office 365 profile cards.

This essentially means that if you don’t know much about your professional contacts, you can now see more information about them right in Office 365 – rather than having to go to their LinkedIn profiles.

Whilst this might not seem like much, at least it means that that person won’t receive a notification that you looked at their profile.

As Microsoft spokesperson Frank Shaw noted during a press briefing ahead of the event, the idea behind integrating the Microsoft Graph and the LinkedIn Graph is about creating a modern workplace.

“This will result in experiences like having LinkedIn content integrated with the Office 365 profile card,” he said. “So for example, before you go into an interview, information about that person from LinkedIn will show up in their contact card inside your Outlook Calendar in Office 365.”

Dynamics 365

At this point in time, it sounds like Microsoft spent A LOT of money to save you a click and an extra LinkedIn message.

But, Microsoft is set to announce the launch of Dynamics 365 for Sales, Microsoft’s CRM solution.

Dynamics will get the same profile integration, and its users will be able to send LinkedIn InMails and messages directly from within the app. For those who use LinkedIn for lead generation this great news.

What are your thoughts? Will this connection between LinkedIn and Office 365 convince you to buy the product?

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