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Meet the team. Introducing DAVE WALKER – The boss.

Social skills are the key to making any business thrive. After all, people buy off people.

As part of our ‘meet the team’ series, we tell you a little bit about the hobbies, interests, hopes and dreams of the larger than life character that is Dave Walker.

Dave founded +24 Marketing in 2010. Just 18 months ago he had just two members of staff and a small office at Northbridge House in Burnley. Now, Dave employs nine people and has just moved the business to a ‘wing’ of the same building.

Let’s find out a little more about him…

1) Full name (including any embarrassing middle names)

David Robert Walker

2) Where are you from originally and where do you live now?

Born in Harrogate, lived on a farm in Ripon until four, grew up in Barnoldswick and moved to Burnley at 18. Brief 3 year stint in Otley, but my home is Burnley.

3) hobbies (crafts/gaming/sports etc)

Rugby League, watching pretty much any sport, bit of Xbox….soon cycling

4) Any children? how many do you want?


5) Pets and their names (if you don’t have any, what have you had in the past)

Jack, Cocker Spaniel.

6) Favourite tipple (alcoholic or non alcoholic)

Lager (premium preferably), I also like a bit of champers and enjoy cocktails

7) Ideal holiday destination and what do you like to do on holiday

I haven’t travelled much. I like anywhere with a bit of sun. I like to walk, chill and see stuff. A bit of sunbathing – but can’t stay still too long.

8) How would your friends describe you in five words?

Hard Working, Passionate – those two are the only ones I can guarantee. The rest I don’t think would be publishable!

9) Best thing you’ve ever done/experienced

Played rugby in front of 7k crowd. Won awards during rugby days. Kasabian live. Chill time in the lakes.

10) Where do you see yourself in five years (work/life/location/hopes and dreams)

Business will be self-sustainable with great people running it, allowing me to develop new areas of the business or other businesses. Have a team of executives around me to implement plans in new businesses/acquisitions. Holiday home. Few holidays a year. Nice house.