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Meet the team. Introducing ALEX WALKER

Meet Alex – business partner (and mother) to Dave Walker, finance director at +24 Marketing, and office and finance manager at WRM, run by middle son Anthony. Here we find out a little bit about her likes, dislikes and interests…

1) Full Name
Alexandra Mary Walker

2) Where from originally and where do you live now?
Born in Stockton Heath, near Warrington – now live in Low Snowden, near Otley

3) Hobbies
Painting (complex pain by numbers & simple original), cross-stitching, knitting, reading, walking, gardening – the easy stuff like taking cuttings, pruning and pricking out seedlings – I leave the hard physical stuff to (husband) Nigel

4) Any children?
I have three wonderful sons – James, aged 36, a maths teacher, black belt, flame poi performer, and artist; Anthony, aged 34, owner & MD of an Environmental Consultancy – plus three sister businesses; and David, aged 29, who owns and runs +24 Marketing.

5) Pets and their names
We have had a few cats over the years. We started with Kizzie and Stamford Philharmonic-Juggernaut the 117th (Juggs for short). I named Kizzie, with the help of a group of children I was teaching in Manchester
Juggs was named by Nigel. He said every cat of breeding had a very long name with a hyphen and a number – hence the long name. (The cats were strays).
Kizzie died at about 5 years old but Juggs lived to the grand old age of 19.
We then had 2 more cats Misty and Dusky, followed a few years later by another little black cat, Aine who adopted us.
Dusky died before we moved to our present home. Aine disappeared in suspicious circumstances during a party Dave had while Nigel and I were away, and Misty died a couple of years ago.

6) Favourite tipple
It varies. I like wine (any colour), brandy. I quite often have Becks Blue.

7) Ideal holiday destination
Tenerife has been a favourite in the last few years – just a complete chill. I also love our family holidays in Whitby, which we tend to do with whoever is available, every couple of years

8) How would your friends describe you in five words?
Quiet, dry humour, occasionally wacky.

9) Best thing you’ve every done/experienced.
Marrying Nigel and having three brilliant children

10) Where do you see yourself in five years?
Retired from my current work – perhaps sharing a small holding with our eldest son and hopefully with a holiday home on the East Coast for weekends away.