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Mary Berry, you have some competition.

Plus 24’s web programmer extraordinaire surprised us all this week when he arrived at work carrying one of his home bakes.

Phil had baked a delicious carrot and pecan nut cake, with a cream cheese icing, with a delicate twist of orange peel to decorate.

The sponge itself was soft and light, and the nuts added a lovely crunch to the cake.

The icing kept the cake lovely and moist, adding a zing of tartness to the flavour.

It was delicately portioned up (haha) and everyone tucked into their slab of cake.

Phil said: “I spent a fortune on all the ingredients. It’s the first cake I’ve made in a decade. Saying that makes me feel old.

“It went well and it was easier than I thought!

“I have had requests from people to make more cakes so it can’t have been that bad!”

Well Phil, we must say, we’re amazed. It was beautiful and we expect you to bake more!