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Marketing Trends to Prepare For in 2019

With every new year comes a wave of new trends for marketing and digital marketing. Deciphering which trends are worth investing time and money in and which are simply passing fads can be difficult, but as a digital agency of social media experts and marketers, we have our finger on the pulse of the industry and believe that there are three main marketing trends that every business should prepare for in 2019.


Video has been a marketing trend steadily increasing in popularity since the birth of YouTube. In 2019, video is set to become even more popular and brands not utilising video will see themselves falling behind in online relevance to an extent. Vertical and platform optimised video is especially important to pay attention to, be sure to make your videos so that they are easily translated to vertical and square formats for social media platforms and tools such as IGTV and Stories. Be sure also to not leave out LinkedIn as a platform where video is concerned – with its new Vimeo integration, LinkedIn is a platform aware of the rising relevance of video and is now perfectly placed to be a platform ready to host your video content too.

Video Statistics: 


Consumers naturally trust the opinions of other consumers over the claims and statements of brands and corporations. Influencers and micro-influencers are a popular way to reach your target audience in a less aggressive but extremely effective way. Brands such as Hi Smile, Listerine, Morphe and even Iceland are among the many companies to make use of influencers and micro-influencers alike.


The personalisation of materials is a way to make your brand stand out from competitors and make consumers feel acknowledged and cared about.

Key things that brands should consider personalising are:

  • Emails
  • Products
  • Content, such as messages, images and videos

Personalised video content, in particular, is a good way to catch the attention of consumers and with the statistics showing that executives are more likely to reach out to a brand after viewing a video, personalised video content could increase these numbers even further.

Personalised e-mails are three times better than batch emails, according to EmailMonk’s Head of Marketing. Research also shows that it’s believed that personalisation advances customer relationships by 96% of marketers.


If you want to take on marketing in 2019 with an edge over your competitors, get in touch with the +24 team today!