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Introducing… Beme

Have you heard? There’s a new social network to check out!

We all seem to get very excited by a new app every week but this is the first one I’ve really liked since SnapChat and actually, it’s very similar.

Introducing, Beme.

Beme, in its own words “is the simplest and most authentic way to share your personal experience.”

The simplest explanation I could provide for you is that it allows you to share short videos or pictures with your network of followers – which they can only watch once. Sounds a lot like SnapChat right? Well there’s one really big difference, and it’s the reason I love this app.

You never see the video you create, and you cannot edit or reshoot. This app is designed for real moments from your life – not filtered, edited, and planned ones.

Beme is the brainchild of a bit of a hero of mine, videographer (is that a real word?) Casey Neistat. If you’ve never seen Casey’s advert for Nike then that’s a video you should watch.

Casey’s inspiration for the app came from his frustrations with how social media is used already.

“Social media is meant to be a virtual version of who we are as people. Instead, it’s this highly sculpted, calculated, calibrated version of who we are. Told through filters that make our eyes bluer, and carefully selected images to portray a version of who we are. It doesn’t really resemble the reality of things.”

So how does it work? Well, unlike Snapchat, and Instagram, and… well every other picture/video sending site ever, you never get to see your shot. To take the picture you hold the phone to your chest and it starts recording. Once you remove the phone from your chest (or after around 10 seconds) the phone stops recording and instantly uploads it to your network. You never get to review the footage. It’s out there, it’s up. No editing, no filtering, just real life.

Now I love this. I love the attitude. I love the concept. However, I fully understand the scepticism. We’re all guilty of taking 100 attempts to take the perfect picture, editing and filtering it for another 15 minutes, before finally deciding it wasn’t good enough and sacking the whole thing off.

There’s also the fact that whilst I’m sure lots of really cool stuff happens when you live in New York and holiday in South Africa every year – for the rest of us mere mortals, not a huge amount happens that wouldn’t bore the pants off everyone.

I do have a lot of love for the reaction function on Beme too. Like we said, this is all about real life, so when you’re watching your friends Bemes, you can tap on the screen to take an instant selfie of your reaction which is sent straight back. Again, really cool idea, whether or not it’ll take off with a species that is so obsessed with vanity, I don’t know.

Whether Beme becomes the next big thing, I’m not convinced. It was launched in July 2015 and it hasn’t quite taken off yet but just on pure concept and attitude, I cannot get enough of this.

Frustratingly, it’s not available on Android yet but there is a Beta out at the moment so hopefully, it’s not far off.