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How to Survive an Office Heatwave

Summer has finally arrived. The sun is shining, kids are out, legs are on show, but you… you’re stuck in an oven cooking alive, otherwise known as an office.

There are ways you can survive the heat though. Before we get into this blog, if you’re in a top floor office you may as well just pull a sicky and go home because chances are you’re not going to survive any heatwave.

Drink a lot of water

Starting with the most obvious… If you’re dehydrated throughout the day this could cause fainting and collapsing, which may get you off work for the day but is it worth embarrassing yourself in front of the whole office? It’s simple, drink water and don’t look like an idiot. Make sure you are topping this up by drinking between 3-4 litres throughout the day.

Hot food will make it worse

Eating hot food is the worst idea for a heat wave, it can make you feel extremely sluggish in the heat. Good foods to eat our ice cream and salad. Then, something I like to do is get a cup of ice cubes and just eat them, it cools you down quite a lot. You could also get your boss to invest in a freezer, this might help a bit.

Get some fresh air

I did this today but I had to walk more than a mile to get to where I wanted to go. As I arrived I was dying, out of breath and had to get a drink. Knowing I had to walk all the way back I bought some shorts because I was stupid enough to wear jeans, which brings me to my next point.

Wear light clothes

When you wake up, you might think it won’t be that hot and that jeans are a good idea. They’re not. That’s just early morning, as soon as it reaches 10 am you will regret putting those jeans on. If you are 100% sure that jeans are a good idea, still bring some shorts in your bag. If you’re not allowed to wear shorts in the office then I’m afraid it’s not going to end well.

Invest in a fan

Unless you have air conditioning, there is often poor air flow in offices so, if you just sit there with no windows open and no fans, you’re going to cook. Fans can help but only if you’re blowing cold air, or else you’re just circulating the heat and you’ll find it hard to breathe. The best thing to do is open a window and place the fan right in front of it, this should get the office a bit cooler.

I hope this blog helped you not to boil in an office, use all the tips and you’ll be slightly more comfortable than usual. Don’t miss our next blog on how to survive a zombie apocalypse in an office..!