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How To Make Facebook Live Photos

Firstly, If you’re an Android user then I’m afraid this blog doesn’t apply to you. Sorry about that.

The new live photos feature on Facebook is known as a ‘Press and Hold Facebook Post’. This ONLY works on the Facebook mobile app and users press and hold down on the photo where it will then move like a short video or gif. I’d recommend you take a look some examples to understand how amazing they are.

McDonald’s have produced one and it’s had a huge increase in engagements on their Facebook page with over 200k shares and 70k likes!

After a user pressed and held down on the photo, the clouds cleared and revealed a Chicken Nugget. It’s brilliant.

How to make your own

1) You NEED the app: intoLive this can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store or a ‘pro’ version can be bought for £2.99.

2) To begin with, the app will automatically create a slideshow from the photos you pick. Or it’ll create a slideshow using frames from a selected Burst of photos, video or Gif. If you’re using individual photos, make sure they’re all the same aspect ratio and orientation or they’ll be cropped differently.

Then press the arrow in the top right corner to go to the next step.

3) You then need to select your Post Photo- this is what everyone will see before they press and hold down on the photograph. It is recommended to have this image telling people what to do with the photo, it will be new to them. Also, make sure this image is the same size as the rest so it doesn’t crop anything out.

Then save it to your camera roll.

4) You can then upload your photo to Facebook. BUT you can only use the Facebook Mobile App. Got to upload a normal photo and you’ll see the live photo appear with a small white circle icon on it. When you select that photo, make sure there’s a ‘Live’ button in the main post section.

Post it and you’re done!