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How to make £50k in 3 hours

So in this blog, I’m going to describe how you can generate £50,000 worth of business in just three hours work!

Okay so actually that’s a load of rubbish and sounds like one of those losers on Facebook who claim they’ll make you a millionaire overnight with their “simple 7 step programme”! I genuinely don’t think that you can earn £50,000 worth of business in three hours work (Unless perhaps your name is Lionel Messi). I hope you recognised that the daft blog image was my attempt at being ironic! What I am going to do is describe how you can put in shed loads of graft, years of hard work, take a ton of risks, employ great people, sack crap people have major wins and even more losses and then eventually you may be in a position where one of your efforts lands and generates some good business in a short space of time.

It’s quite true that Social Sam in recent times generated almost £50,000 worth of work in a very, very short space of time! In the space of two weeks and at just three events he managed to generate around about £50,000 worth of work. It was about 3 hours’ worth of work in total, a single follow up meeting with a few new clients and our business had signed £50k worth of business.

Here’s the thing though, Sam speaking at 3 events was just the final step in a pre-planned client recruitment campaign.

The campaign probably started 5 ½ years ago and is a shit load of blood, sweat and tears since I started the business. Countless hours networking, even more hours building relationships, 36-hour stints of work to meet crazy deadlines… you name it, I’ve been there and done it. Then staff came along and they’ve had the same – Phil’s spent weekends none stop coding software for some of the countries biggest brands, Social Sam has spent countless late nights working on clients social profiles… the ethic of hard work resonates through the business.

I’m actually in the process of moving house… like now… today at this minute I’m supposed to be loading boxes into the back of my truck… but I’m here finishing off a blog and I’ll go back to moving boxes in a minute. Probably get a few scowls from the Mrs too for sneaking to the office! Those are the kind of sacrifices you have to make in order to be in a position to win £50k of business in 3 hours.

So in summary, I’m afraid there’s no quick fix for being in a position to sign up £50k of business in 3 hours – it takes years of graft, failures and a ton of hard work. But if you get through those times and you come out of the other side, you might just do £50k of business in 3 hours.

Clearly, we had a strategy… I’ll explain that in another blog in the near future.