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How to get started with social media advertising

Paid social media ads have now become an integral part of most businesses social media strategy. And for good reason, it’s a cheap and effective way to connect to your potential audience and drive sales back to your business.

Did you know that it’s estimated there are 2.6 billion active users on Facebook per month? That’s a huge audience and thanks to Facebook ads you’re able to identify your perfect clients.

Facebook allows you to breakdown your audience much more in-depth and much easier than other online ads. This is because Facebook has access to so much data it allows you to identify your target audience using, age, location, career, education and so much more.

So let’s look at how you get started with building an ad for social media. Here are some great tips and tricks for your first social media ad!

Ad placement

Placement is so important when it comes to your ad. You need to make sure your ad is going to be seen in the right places and look great. When you’re setting up your ad, initially all placements will be enabled, now it’s up to you to find what feels appropriate.

With Facebook ads, you can also use the ads manager to post to Instagram but is that appropriate for you? Will your ad fit if Stories are enabled or will it be the wrong dimensions? You even have the option here to have mobile-only ads which will only display your ad to mobile users or strictly desktop or both.

Really take the time to ensure that your ad will work for each of the relevant placements.

Ad visuals

When it comes to the graphics on social media, there’s the good, the bad, and the ugly. With the ability to have multiple layouts for your ads, there isn’t one size fits all so it needs to really be tailor-made depending on what your style of ad is.

Carousels offer more of a 1:1 ratio similar to Instagram and allows people to swipe through a series of mini images that come with their own copy and image.

Facebook analyses your ad and assigns it a ranking based on the overall ad. There can be many factors that really hinder your image being seen. One big factor is the amount of text. Facebook is hot on text. They don’t want to see overly text-based imagery, it’s cluttered and it can be used to spam. They are looking for something much more visually appealing.

Know your audience

We touched on it briefly at the start, but knowing your audience is vital.

Facebook is an incredible tool, you have this unprecedented access to one of the largest global audiences boasting 2.6 billion active users a month.

Thanks to Facebook you’re able to perfectly identify your audience. The team at WordStream put together an incredible infographic that shows you the key areas that Facebook allows you to target. It gives you access to information like age, gender, and location through to relationship status, upcoming life events such as engagements or birthdays, and even if they recently moved house. While a lot of these may not be relevant to you, it can really help narrow down your targeting.

When curating your ad, initially you will end up posting to a large audience, which is fine but that isn’t really going to be beneficial in the long run especially when there are thousands of ads being generated each day. Find your audience, craft your message and it will really help drive your ad to the people who need to see it and you’ll see your return on investment in no time.