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How are you feeling? – Mood Map

How are you feeling?

Well don’t tell me! Tell your phone. That’s right, there’s an app that cares!

I’ve found you an app which you would use daily, it’s simple and takes no time. So go to your app store and download Mood Map.

When you first use the app it will ask you to sign in, asking for your name, age, your income and your star sign. Apparently all these things have something to do with how you are feeling and why…

Starting with the earth icon on the left, this page allows you to view a map of the world, not only that but in different parts around the world you can see different coloured circles surrounding part of a country. These circles are people in that area using the app. The circles pop up in the most unexpected places!

Now moving on to the the face icon second from the left. This page is where it happens! The page where you tell the app what mood you’re in. You can choose from one of eight moods; from confused, dull, in love and many more! As you can see in the green picture, that day I was feeling confused so I can choose to share that on Facebook or Twitter. You can also see the colours of each emotion represented as the circles on the map, so you can see that maybe people in Manchester are feeling in the green/yellow zone

The last important page before the settings is represented as an icon with four dots in it. This page is your stats. How you’ve been feeling over the week or month or year. This week I’ve been mostly optimistic which was on a Monday and is 33% of the time I’ve had the app. The month and the year pages are the same format but obviously different stats.

Mood Map is helpful in everyday life and might even give you a wake up call, because if your month or year chart is mostly focused around the negative options then you know something has to change. I feel like this app can help a lot of people and I’m keen for more people to know about it. Make sure you turn on your notifications for it so you don’t forget!