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The Importance of Good Website Design and Development

“Having a great looking website is crucial but it’s also incredibly important not to forget about good web development.”

Having a website is about more than just ticking the ‘online presence’ checkbox. Good websites transcend basic functionality and fulfil a further purpose of advertising and presenting your business well, highlighting your strengths and drawing focus to what sets you apart.

Good web design and development cements your company’s credibility as an industry leader through a professional look and good user experience. The better the user experience, interactivity and visual design of your website, the more credible and legitimate your company appears to your site’s visitors and potential clients/customers/collaborators.

“People have a short attention span and a slow loading website or a menu that is fiddly is only going to put users off from using your service or buying your product.”

The development of your website is as important as the design. Your website needs to work well in order for your site visitors to stay engaged and remain on your website for as long as possible. The longer they stay on your website, the more likely they are to buy your product or inquire about your services.


A good website acts as a resource for its visitors, meaning that it has lots of different content answering any questions someone may have about your business and giving further information. This type of informative and detailed content comes in the form of an About section, case studies and testimonials, among other possible additions, such as services. These all contribute to keeping site visitors well informed about how your business operates, what you can do for them or their business and how successful you are in your field.

Other vital content that a good website should include is a way to contact you, such as phone and email details, address and a query submission form, a way to connect via social media and also any content that is part of your content marketing plan, such as blogs, video and photography.

“Think about the user experience right from the outset, user experience should be something that is reviewed in the very early stages of planning your website.”  

Not only should your website be filled with helpful content, but this content should be easy to find and work as a part of an interactive and responsive website that provides a positive experience for its visitors.


A well designed and informative website sets you apart from your competitors. Good websites are visually interesting, helping you “stick” in your site visitors minds, They also give plenty of information as proof that you’re a better option than rival businesses, both leave a good (and lasting) impression and prioritise user experience. 


Talk to +24 about how we can make you a website that helps shout about your brand and delivers an amazing user experience. 

Quotes via +24’s Managing Director Dave Walker